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tv   News 4 at 11  NBC  July 9, 2012 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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caught on camera tonight tonight at 11:00, exclusive video shows a microburst as it makes impact sending parents and
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cheerleaders running for cover. a 21-year-old man shot and killed after a con prone station with police. why the low cost sedan service feels that d.c. leaders are trying to drive the company out of town. a young woman sexually assaulted near a community pool. >> it happened in gaithersburg. derrick ward has the developments. >> reporter: a sense of fear and worry descended upon this otherwise quiet community here after this attack that happened earlier this evening. police say the attack happened in the heavily wooded area near the pool while it was still light out. >> about 5:00 today we received a phone call saying that there was a woman with a victim who had said she was sexually assaulted in the area of the community pool. >> reporter: sources say that the victim identified as a 21-year-old female may have been walking her dog in the general
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area of the pool. news spread quickly among the concerned residents. >> disturbing. my heart goes out to the parents and the person. >> reporter: there is 30 acres of wooded areas, ponds and a wildlife preserve. >> i go back there with my husband. not by myself. it is secluded. >> reporter: and busy on this evening. the subject of an intense search. >> the patrol officers, canine. we are trying to find out exactly what we have. >> reporter: this attack may have occred at knife point. we don't know much about the condition of the victim. she was hospitalized. there is an active homeowner's association here. they will get word out via e-mail tonight. we're live in gaithersburg, derrick ward, news4. tonight on demand car service uber feels like it is in
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a fight for its life in washington. the d.c. council will vote on an overhaul of the taxi operations. in addition to putting gps and credit card technology in all cabs and there is an uber amendment and that says that their fares would start at five times the minimum of taxies. this was an agreement made be all parties involved. uber's ceo talked to us from san francisco. >> there is a last-minute amendment i didn't get until a few hours ago today. and it was clear that that amendment was designed to curb, you know, any kind of transportation -- any type of viable transportation alternative in d.c. >> earlier today hundreds of cab drivers protested outside the wilson building. they don't want the gps technology so the city can track where the cabs go and whether
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they take longer routes to inflate fares. we are seeing video of the moment a microburst tore through a town in virginia. you can see the strength of the wind and the pounding rain. the wind ripped the roof off a cheer studio. the owner said two fathers led the kids into a reinforced part of the building. they were both injured and hospitalized. >> i saw it at the window. it was a funnel cloud and it took the garage door up into it. when the garage door went up the building collapsed. >> reporter: the roof landed on top of a nearby house damaging the fredericksburg area is expected to take weeks if not months to clean up. now to the extreme heat. the heat wave that swept over our area is blamed for 94 deaths nationwide. that includes 11 -- rather 18
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heat related deaths in maryland. 10 in virginia. scientifics at noaa announced that the first six months of the year are the hottest ever on record and the proof is is on the ground. there are drought conditions across more than half of the country. the good news, the dangerous heat has moved out of our region. doug is here to let us know what's next. doug? >> and pretty much it moved out of most of the country. that is good we can breathe easier as we leave this heat. it is over. the heat wave, that is. four consecutive days at or above 100. 100 on thursday and friday. 105 on saturday. sunday at 102. the cold front came through and brought the temperatures down to 87 degrees. the four days is a record tying a record set in 1930 of four
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days in a row. 80 degrees right now. most of us with temperatures in the 70s and low 70s at that. something we are watching. 73 in leesburg. the frontal boundary will stay to the south for a couple of days. one of our city's most iconic structures will be closed to the public until 2014. the national park service announced plans to move forward with repairs on the washington monument. the 5.2 magnitude quake last august did extensive damage to the landmark. the repair will take 18 months to complete. things are back to normal after a derailment on the green line on friday on one of the hottest days of the year. together the pregnant woman who was hospitalized is back home sharing her experience only with news4's shomari stone.
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>> i'm blessed. >> are kia hackett sits on a soft sofa, a comfortable contrast to the rocky metro ride she experienced on friday evening. >> it was like someone with big hands shook the train back and forth. >> reporter: kia, her fiance james and their one-year-old were sitting on the train and suddenly the train derailed, rocked and came to a screeching halt. >> lights went out and smoke was everywhere. it was chaos. >> reporter: kia thought her unborn baby might not make it. >> i was terrified. my children ran through my mind. everything from my life just ran through my mind. >> reporter: about 100 firefighters, metro police, prince george's county police escorted 50 passengers through an underground evacuation shaft.
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medics drove kia to the hospital and passengers relaxed on shuttle buses. no one was hurt and kia is thankful for the firefighters keeping things calm and cool under pressure. >> thank you. without them we wouldn't have made it through. >> reporter: investigators suspect that extreme heat played a role in the derailment. heat kinks have caused problems in previous summers. i'm shomari stone, news4. we're learning more about the man killed in a shootout with fairfax county police. the man opened fire on two police officers after they approached him in mount vernon last night. court records show this wasn't his first run in with the law. in january of last year, he was charged with possession of child pornography. meanwhile the officers involved in the shooting have been placed on administrative leave. a maryland community is in mourning after the deaths of
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three young boys in what police call a tragic swimming accident in federals burg on the eastern shore. two 12-years-old and an 8-year-old were playing basketball at this church and went to a creek to cool down. the boys didn't know how to swim and all of them drowned. the boys' relatives say they don't think it was an accident. they say the children were afraid of the water and would not have gone swimming. four guilty pleas in connection with the videotaped attack on a tourist from virginia. the video shows the tourist being beaten robbed and stripped in front of a city courthouse in baltimore. the video was posted online and went viral. three of the attackers were sentence to prison time. the fourth suspect will be sentenced in december. president obama is back in washington attending back to back fundraisers. about 20 people attended each event.
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tickets cost $40,000 a person. last month the president's campaign raised $71 million. that's less than mitt romney who held fundraisers in the hamptons last weekend. he raised $100 million in donations in june. the president is renewing his fight to end the bush era tax cuts. he wants to extend cuts for households earning less than $250,000 each year. according to the census bureau only 2% of households have a combined income of $250,000 or more. many argue that the obama plan will hurt small businesses. a d.c. public relations executive has been charged in the criminal probe surrounding grey's 2010 campaign. eugene yeah harris took
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reimbursements for campaign donations including $44,000 in straw contributions. documents indicate she will plead guilty in exchange for a lighter sentence. still ahead, a deadly hug. how the simple gesture ended in tragedy. a warning for pet owners after a rare sighting in a d.c. neighborhood. hollywood heavy weights hom cruise and katie
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pretty bizarre death investigation underway in detroit. police are trying to figure out how a friendly embrace turned fatal. it happened at a fish fry at the policeman's home. the 24-year-old woman began to hug or dance with the officer from behind and she set off his gun and she was hit and killed. >> whether they want to call it a freak accident or a mistake in judgment it should never have happened. it should never have happened to my child. there is nothing i can do. >> the gun did not have a safety but that did not play a role in the accidental discharge. attorneys are tight lipped about the details of tom cruise and katie holmes high profile split. they reached a settlement two weeks after holmes filed for divorce. they have a 6-year-old daughter,
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suri. they saidly they will do what is best for her. many believe that cruise's religion may have led to the mr. a d.c. worn has a warning for neighbors. she says that she spotted a coyote in her cleveland park neighborhood last night. she says it ran into the woods near 39th and rodman streets. coyotes have been seen occasionally there over the past eight years. >> i was surprised. i've never seen one and i lived here four and a half years. i decided to e-mail the neighbors just in case they have small pets. they don't want them to be lunch. >> the park service says that coyotes may attack small unleashed pets but don't typically confront people. people are upset about another attack on a horse in fairfax county. someone climbed into a paddock and stabbed lucinda the horse
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over the weekend. in april lucinda and another horse were attacked. lucinda provides therapeutic rides for disabled children. a ten-year-old in tekxas ha earned the name shark boy. he reeled in this shark in galveston. mom recorded the whole thing. they took pictures and then they let the shark go. this apparently isn't the first time that hunter -- do not try this at home. >> please. >> his parents say the young man reeled in a seven-foot shark last fall. he is experienced at this. but still -- >> hunt terer the daredevil sha boy. what a difference a day makes. >> wow. i mean really, wow. 105 saturday, 102 yesterday.
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heat index of 110 yesterday. and today we topped out at 87 degrees. that is nice for this time of year. and we ended the heat wave on a good note. this was shot earlier in the d.c. area. high clouds streaming by. you get the orange and red hues as the sun continues to go down. the sunset just after 8:30 and the days are getting shorter. you might start noticing that. record heat. it has been on the hot side but how hot was it? the first time in over 80 years we are seen four days in a row of 100 degrees or higher. the first time was in 1930. and this was the first time we had 11 days in a row of 95 degrees or higher beating the old record by three days. this was an incredible heat wave. we continued to set records all across the region.
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in the last three years we had 14 days of 100 degrees or higher. with that, that is the hottest three-year period ever in our history. and our history goes back 120 years but that is saying something for the region. 16 of the last 17 years have been the warmest ever. 87 degrees is the temperature out there. coolest day in two weeks. temperatures today, a little bit below average for the first time in two weeks. right now at 80 degrees with a dew point of 64. it's warm and muggy outside. the temperatures remaining on the warm side as we have the southerly wind at 5 miles an hour. 73 in culpepper. two nights ago the heat index was 96 degrees at this time. storm 4 recar all clear. if you have friends in virginia
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beach it will be a rainy couple of days for them. and even along the beaches in maryland and delaware well could see shower activity as the frontal boundary remakes to t-- remains to the south. we will see cloud cover and on the mild side with a chance of showers. same on wednesday. most of us remain dry. this storm system -- this frontal boundary continues to sag to is south. partly cloudy and warm and muggy tomorrow. tomorrow afternoon, a sun and cloudy day. sun and clouds, warm and humid. a few showers, 82 to 87 degrees. winds out of the east at 5 to 10 miles an hour. as we move on the next couple days the temperatures in the 80s just about every day. 85 on wednesday, 87 on thursday, 85 on friday. and staying in the 80s for
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saturday but then i think we move back into the 90s and that could be the start of another heat wave. we'll have to wait and see on that one. you know what? let's be optimistic. >> a good chance to do the outdoor things, a window. >> a big window. a lot of people saying their grass is dying. a good time to start watering. we are covering breaking news in northeast d.c. right now. crews are on the scene of a two alarm fire at webb elementary school. we are understand there are reports of heavy flames showing from the building. the firefighters are fighting the flames from the exterior. no word on any injuries. this is webb elementary school in northeast d.c. going to take a break. up next, a special gift for a former life guard fired for saving a life on the job.
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♪ [ male announcer ] virtual wallet can help you be that person who's good with money. see what's free to spend. move money with a slide. save with a shake. feel good about your decisions. we're continuing to watch this breaking news in northeast d.c. we have live pictures coming to us. this is at webb elementary school in northeast. a two-alarm fire. we have no word on any injuries. but firefighters are anon the scene and there is heavy smoke at the scene. we'll keep an eye on this for you. dan's here with a look at
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sports. our nats' rookie is getting high-level attention. >> he is a big sports fan but when you get a shoutout from the president that is saying something. no one is garnering more attention than bryce harper. the youngest position player in the history of the all-star game made an impression on the president. during an interview, president obama was singing harper's praises. >> we were talking about one of the biggest stars right now in washington is bryce harper who comes out of nevada -- >> las vegas. >> and i know folks are proud of him. he's doing great and it's my second favorite team after the chicago white sox. >> makes more sense now. a reporter from las vegas. he was very well prepped right? >> yes. >> making their first of what are sure to be many all-star appearances.
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gio gonzalez at his second straight all-star game. for harper it's something he will try to sit back and enjoy. >> you know, i think seeing all the guys that you know you play against and seeing guys you haven't seen before and just, you know, i'm still like a little kid. so you still have the guys that you look up to and you see that play the game the right way and play every single time. i'm excited to enjoy this with my family. >> pretty soon he will be competing in this, the home run derby at kauffman stadium in kansas city tonight. this is mark trumbo, goes on top of the roof. and check out big pappy. the tiger's prince fielder turns it up. 476 feet into the fountain. tied for the longest of the
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night with this bomb. fielder in the final round, 476 feet again. he hits 12 in the final round to beat jose bautista. now he's a two-time home run derby champ. ken griffey jr. the only other player to do that. i think his kids were having a good time. the magic and the nets lynch pins in a four-team trade that could involve as many as ten players. the wizards's draft picks getting ready for summer league in las vegas. bradley beal and others taking part in a mini-camp before heading out to las vegas. many believe that beal will be the real deal. but first he has to learn the nba game. he spent one year in college and averaged 14 points a game.
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and he has a contract that will pay him $3 million a year for pay him $3 million a year for the next
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want to check back in on the breaking news in northeast d.c. a raging fire at webb elementary school. this might the gym portion of the school. firefighters pulled from the building because of fear of a collapse. but we have no word on any
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injuries. we'll have more on the story tomorrow morning. a life guard who got fired for leaving his post to help a drowning man got a thank you today. the mayor presented thomas lopez with the key to the city. he helped save a tourist but was fired for leaving his life guarding zone. he met the man he saved today. the mayor called the firing
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>> announcer: it's "the tonight show with jay leno," featuring rickey minor and "the tonight show" band. tonight, jay welcomes -- wanda sykes. espy award host rob riggle.


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